Autumn Happenings

Some fun things have been happening and will be happening this autumn! Just a short side note; how great are layers and scarves? Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons and I hope that summer has given up the ghost for a while. 

I performed at Unquiet Voices: A Night of Spoken Word last Monday night, run by the wonderful Audrey El Osta and the Monash Uni Student Theater team. It was honestly one of the most encouraging spaces I've ever read in. After each of us read, we engaged the audience in a discussion about our work, asked them what they liked, what they thought could be improved. I was given some fantastic and constructive feedback and was able to give my own to some incredible writers (it was mostly me shouting OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO GOOD HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD but a little more articulately). My soul felt real nourished, I don't really know how else to describe it other than for the whole train ride home I felt like I'd eaten a big bowl of hot soup; I just felt warm and good inside. 

I'll also be tabling at the Other Worlds Zine fair in Marrickville, Sydney next weekend! I'm really looking forward to it, there's going to be a great group of people there selling their cool, independently published wares. Otherworlds started out in 2014 as an alternative to the MCA zine fair, essentially boycotting them in protest of their Transfield sponsership, which sports links to the operation of asylum seeker detention centers. It's a cause that I am proud to get behind and be represented at. If you're in Sydney, or going to be, come along! I'd love to see you there. 

 Poster by Safdar Ahmed 

Poster by Safdar Ahmed 

And finally, I'll be performing at the Listening Room: Hearts on Fire at the Wetlands Studio in Brunswick on the 25th of May! Line up is still tbc but if it's anything like the last one I went to it's gonna be an incredible night of music and spoken word!  For more details check out their Facebook page.

Here's a little taste of what I will be reading on the night (with some musical accompaniment, no less!) 

We need to name our gang,” they say. We are sitting on the roof of the ALDI building divvying up some of the stolen loot between us. I check items off the list on the back of my hand. I am a better thief than them, I’ve mastered slight of hand, but they take more risks, go harder for bigger stuff. This time, they've managed to steal a small gas bottle, two cans of mid strength beer and a packet of salt and vinegar chips from a fueling station.

“I think there needs to be more than two people in a gang” I say. I crack open my beer, let it fizz and drip down my hand.

Rhys ignores me, taking a long sip of their own beer, looking out over the rooftops. They've already settled on a name for us; the Bohe - moths.

“Because moths like the dark?” I ask. They shrug. I can feel the beer warming me up from the inside out, like I'm being microwaved.

“Sure. Want to hear my moth call?”

That's all for the minute. Hope your autumn is soft and cool.