Summer Wrap Up

I'd like to say that the reason I haven't updated this blog in a while is because I've been having a sweet summer vacay on some warm, pretty island (or mountain cabin, because I can actually only appreciate the sun in a heavily shaded environment), but that would be telling lies. Pros of having an office day job at a university is that there is always good air conditioning and you can avoid going outside for a whole day if you really want to. Cons are 8 am starts and a vitamin D deficiency. 

However, some other exciting indoor things have been happening these past few months. 

I tabled for the second year at the Festival of The Photocopier! It was such a fun day, I got to meet a whole bunch of new zine makers and catch up with some ones I hadn't seen in a while. I got some sweet trades in and bought a bunch of stuff with money I made with my own zine sales (I ended up breaking exactly even, which was extremely satisfying). 

Zine haul includes (let to right, back to front)

Monstrous Women Comic Pack: Alex Clarke
The Moth Woman: Deborah Kelin (Moth Woman Press)
Don't Call Me Cupcake: Sea Green Zines
A Love Letter to Melbourne: Alison Evans
The Orange Bicycle: Giselle A. Nguyen
The Chain: Kat
My Hottest One Hundred: Thomas Blatchford
Deathly Botanicals 2: Bloomurder Zines
Moonsign Tape and Haiking Zine: Bastian Fox Phelan and Carlin McLellen
La Lune: Bloomuder Zines
Confessions 2: Rebecca Sheedy

It was also at this very zine fair that the super rad writer lady Becky Nosaria and I launched our sci-fi split zine Mini Moss! We each wrote a story and then printed them together upside down and back to front. Becky's story 'Dognapped' is a real fun read, while my story, 'Log', is not so fun but I'm still really proud of it. And no, it's not about poo.  

Unfortunately, zine fairs don't happen all that all that often, so I've also started up an etsy shop for in between fair fun times / people who don't live in Melbourne. I've decided to call it incaseofdystopia zines, because I like to think and write about the future (please don't grab them if the world does end though, reach for something more useful like an axe or a spearfishing gun).

And finally, I've actually made the first few baby steps towards starting my honours thesis (the writing part, at least!). I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'm going to blog about my research; I thought it might be nice to have a space to follow my particularly abstract trains of thought that a bit too weird/can't be backed up by critical evidence in an exegesis. We'll see.