The best thing I've written today so far: Base Bunny

Someone dressed in a pink bunny suit is playing base guitar outside a bank of ATMs. A small group of Japanese girls stop to watch, eating crepes with their hands and laughing. I can smell the caramel sauce, and fried onions from a restaurant across from the crepe stand; I want what they have. I want to tear at soft crepes with my fingernails, and let the lemon and sugar cut my tongue. One of the girls throws a handful of gold coins at the bunny-man, and they transform mid air into a streamer of goldfish. Their little gold bodies wriggle through the air for a moment, before diving with a splash into the ocean, contained in an open guitar case. Base bunny doesn’t seem to notice, he just bobs his bulbous head to thank them and starts playing the Seinfeld theme song. The goldfish girls peel off into giggles, and then turn to walk away down Swanston Street.